Releases Official Announcement for Special Operations Forces to Attack

Foreign media reports have stated that the World War II/Spy themed action comedy film “Non Gentleman War” starring Guy Ritchie and Henry Caville will be released in North America on April 19th, along with an official trailer, on January 31st, Beijing time.

The film is based on the origins of the world’s first-ever special forces organization, the British SAS and draws from recently declassified documents from the UK Army with actors Alan Richson, Henry Golding, Henrik Zag, Alex Patifer, Gali Alves, (front cover) Helo Feyns Tifen, Babus Olusen Mokun, Tyr Schweig and others involved in the production. It will be released in Lionsgate North America and Amazon Europe, Latin America, South Africa, Asia, and finally in 2019.

Following the fall of France to the Nazis in 1939, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill declared that Britain would stand firm against the attack of German troops. He opted to abandon the gentlemanly rules of engagement and secretly created a unique military unit for his country, which was also the world’s first secret operation unit. This unit was composed of survivalists, free thinkers, and liberal scientists.

Caville serves as the team’s leader, while Gonzalez is a skilled sniper.

(Meng Qing)

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