Love hate hate entanglement upgradereleases a new trailer

Foreign media reports have revealed that the second season of “Night Visit to Vampires” will premiere on January 31st, Beijing time, with a new trailer revealing that vampires will engage in more intricate love-hate relationships. “Paris, the whole world is set to return and change its destiny,” according to sources.

The new season is set to premiere in spring, and the exact date has not been announced yet. It follows the story of Claudia and Louis, vampires who kill Leicester and then travel from the United States to Paris to meet the more powerful Amand; earlier this season it had been confirmed that Delaney Hayles would take over Claudia’s role from Belle Bass in the first season.

Last year, the first season premiered on October 2nd and received high ratings and word-of-mouth. It is an adaptation of Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” series based on her novels: “Leice and Louis,” a Gothic love story set in New Orleans in 1910; “The first two seasons are 7 episodes long, and the second eight will be set throughout Europe”, with details of the ending episode being Louis and Claudia travelling to Paris.”

The roles of Leicester, Louis, Claudia, and Rashid are played by Sam Reed, Jacob Anderson, Bailey Bass, Assad Zaman, among others.

Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” novel series was acquired by AMC as an adaptation, and in May, “Night Visits to VampIREs,” became the first approved series. Rowling Jones served as the screenwriter and operator for the book, while Mark Johnson handled the development of the entire “Virgin Men” series from start to finish.

“Night Visit to Vampires,” a film release from 1994 featuring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst, was directed by Neil Jordan and depicted the love or hate relationship of vampires like Leicester.

(Meng Qing)

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