Jo Jung Suk’s multifaceted transformation: from King to AI YouTuber

‘King of Joseon’, a rocker and entrepreneur, and an AI YouTuber are some of the changes that Jo Jung Suk is showcasing in her various roles across broadcasting.

He is promoting a desperate love story of king Sejak in the tvN show ‘Captivating the King’, while also appearing on the stage of musical ‘Hedwig’ for the first time in eight years and under’silver colour’ He has also started disappearing from public eye to become the centre of attention with his YouTube activity.

‘Captivating the King’ features Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se-kyung, who are both protagonists in the story.

With the fragile love story of the duo, the power struggle against the conspiracy forces, and Jo Jung Suk’s impressive acting skills, he has been known for his playful image before, but is now recognized as having successfully exposed the agony and charm of a king amid fierce secret conflicts.

This has led to a steady stream of 56% viewership (Nielsen Korea) and surprisingly, the drama is flying at the 2nd spot on the ‘TVOTT Topic’ integrated chart announced by Good Data Corporation, an American research firm.

He has started activities on the musical and YouTube stages outside the TV drama. He is gaining attention by appearing as rocker Hedwig in ‘Hedwolf’ at the Charlotte Theater on March 22, for the first time since 2016. The first batch of tickets were sold out right away upon release.

His new YouTube channel, called ‘Cheonggyesan Daengi Records’ has been used to put out videos singing IU song ‘Love Poem’ and Gummy version of ‘Please Forget Me’ (pictured) under the name ‘AI Jo Jung-suk.

The comment section has been flooded with responses from individuals who identify Jo Jung Suk by his voice and guitar in the video, saying, “Hey, it’s Jo Jong Un, but you can’t call him that”, and suggesting hiding his true identity.

The agency JAM Entertainment has chosen not to comment on the identity and believes that it is too late to discuss it publicly, but there are many plans for future endeavors through the channel.

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