In terms of acting score, Zhao Liying scored 9.5 points and never ranked first, while Ma Li’s rating was unexpected

What movie is the most uplifting during the Spring Festival?

It is my belief that it should be classified as Article 20.

I didn’t think Zhang Yimou would make a better actor than Shen Teng and Jia Ling in terms of humor, as the new movie’s comedic content is too dense.

Ma Li and Lei Jiayin’s collaboration resulted in a remarkable explosion, which revealed the reasoning and reflection of the legal system behind the comedic tale.

At the same time, the film lineup is too impressive, and established actors act in succession, naturally discerning between strong and weak performances.

With the newly announced performance rating of “Article 20,” who can emerge as the strongest in the movie?


The acting performance was rated 9.2 points.

Gao Ye’s transformation into a well-known power player has left many viewers feeling just as much affection for her as mine did.

She portrayed L ü Lingling in the new film, where she lost the intimidating and cool appearance of her “sister-in-law” image; instead, she transformed into an unmistakable eye that could easily be mistaken for a prosecutor.

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