Idols step up to de-escalate tension as fans face near injuries at ’31st Hanteo Music Awards’

The ’31st Hanteo Music Awards’ caused safety concerns for attendees in the standing section due to hazardous conditions. On February 18, internet users shared witness statements and fan-sourced images of celebrities, alleging that they were extremely concerned about the security risks. The standing pit area at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) was filled with brawls and potential accidents, with fans racing against each other for space near the artist’s stage section.

The danger was amplified as the crowd gathered in front of the artist’s lounge on the right, as depicted below.

The organizers were criticized for their inability to divide the standing area into smaller, manageable subsections that would allow both unsettling and disturbing events. As evidenced by the diagram below, only two audience sections were designated on the ground floor.

The unfolding scenes left on-screen amused idols such as aespa, ATEEZ, and ZEROBASEONE, who were constantly in communication with staff members to ensure the safety of the audience.

Aespa’s Karina was witnessed advising staff about the dire situation and requesting that they provide water for the fans who were dehydrated.

Mingi from ATEEZ raised her voice to inform staff about similar events, while Hanbin for ZEROBASEONE stopped in his mid-sentence and requested that viewers step back until the situation was resolved.

The comments section on the video was awash with responses from Netizens who expressed concern, shock, and disbelief, all while echoing the widespread dismay over the lack of crowd control.

The comments comprise:

“Is the Itaewon tragedy still a part of their memories?”

The lack of proper crowd control could have resulted in a tragedy.

What is your perspective?

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