First hit still photo of Daniel Bruch as Old Buddha

Foreign media reports indicate that pictures from the Disney+new drama “Caesar Carl” featuring legendary fashion designer “Old Buddha” Karl Lagerfield were released on January 31st at Beijing time. This year, Daniel Bruch starred in the role of Lagerfeld and the movie premiered.

It opens in summer of 1972 and tells how Lagerfield was pursuing his dream to become the next Coco Chanel, who died the previous year; while Yves Saint Laurent was fashion’s preeminent designer, it is perhaps ironic that this entry also recognizes Lagerfeld as the most successful French fashion designer.

The movie will also highlight the contest between Lagerfield and Pierre Berg, Saint Laurent’s fiancee, and his romantic feud with Jacques de Basher.

Buck and Isol Pisani Ferry (), Jennifer Harvey (both directed by Jerome Saar) and Audrey Estrogo (also directed), respectively created the script for a total of 6 episodes, which is based on Raphael Buck’s biography of the same name.

(Meng Qing)

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