Changes in lineup: Edwery withdraws from Pullman and joins

The lineup for Marvel’s new film “Thunder Agents” has undergone changes, as foreign media reports on January 31st indicated that Ayu Advili withdrew due to scheduling issues and was replaced by Geraldine Wiswanathan. However, the role remains undisclosed, and Lewis Pullman is also in contention to replace Steven Yuan.

The film features White Wolf/Former Winter Soldier, Second Generation Black Widow, Red Defender, Imitation Master, Ghost, Val, and American agents. The team is similar to DC’s, featuring a group of characters who used to be evil spirits but now joined forces to serve on government missions.

The list of performers included Florence Pew, Sebastian Stan, David Hubble, Wyatt Russell, Hannah Jon Carmen, Eugene Correianko, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, and more.

The film, which was directed by Jack Schleier and written by Eric Pearson (Black Widow and Thor 3), was released in North America on July 25, 2025.

Marvel Comics has a fictional anti hero organization called The Thunder Agents, which was co-created by Kurt Bussack and Mark Bagley. Their first appearance was in Invincible Hulk at Vol. 2 # 449 (January 1997).

After the Avengers were declared dead in the Crossfire of 1996, Marvel Universe and the Thunder Agent team reveal that they became guardians and protectors of the world. However, this is a surprising development as it turns out to be an unrevealed version of events since the original creators are evil masterminds disguised by Marvel on the last page of their manga.

The organization rejected their leader Baron Zemo and sought to become a hero through their own strength, ultimately succeeding under the guidance of Hawkeye. The Thunder Agents comic series is known for its use of secondary characters from other Marvel comic books and its emphasis on storytelling with continuity.

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