The ‘hot icons’ who defined an era are back

Lee Hyori and G-Dragon, the Japanese martial arts superstar, are exhibiting their impact this year with fresh challenges. For instance, Hyrie has been making headlines with her new KBS 2TV show ‘The Seasons – Lee Hwaii’s Red Carpet’ (Red Carpet), while G+D is making a comeback by attending various international events.

The fourth installment of ‘The Seasons,’ named – “Red Carpet,” has garnered the most attention as Lee Hyori made her first appearance as a solo MC in 26 years since her debut. It kicked off with arguably the smoothest start to any program under its tv stardom: 1.9% viewership (Nielsen Korea). Despite being broadcasted late into the night with many viewing restrictions, it still managed to attract hordes of viewers who were not on air and headed to shows at their homes for entertainment interests.

Lee Hyori is using her’star power’ to increase viewer interest: she had Jennie from Blackpink (‘I’m happy to meet my eternal idol’) and the group RIIZE perform on stage, while introducing the significance of Hakchon Theater with actor Lee Jung-eun and saying it would be a good idea to see the children’s play ‘Go-chu-jang Tteok-bokki.

On the 14th, a Hakchon official stated that the reservation rate had consistently increased by 30% since their appearance on the show’s ‘Red Carpet.’

Having found his way back to the United States from a drug controversy last year, G-Dragon’s first appearance in over 20 years was at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 10th (Korean time). His attendance at ‘CES 2024’ has earned him an international following.

He witnessed an exhibit on the Samsung Electronics AI robot ‘Bolly’ and the futuristic mobility concept from LG Electronic, called Alphable, which became big business at the event. He also recently signed an exclusive agreement with Galaxy Corporation, another Korean company that specializes in AI and metatechnology; reported to have visited the show with Choi Yong-ho and other company leaders. There are reports G-Dragon, who is set to release a new album in the latter half of this year, is preparing to incorporate music using new technology advancements.

According to a representative from Galaxy Corporation, they participate in the event annually and G-Dragon’s participation was due to his interest in new technology. We will continue to showcase activities that reflect his diverse interests.

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