STAYC’s Yoon regrets debuting under her stage name instead of her real name

Yoon has expressed her thoughts on her stage name.

The STAYC member’s comment about her stage name, Yoon, received a reaction from social media viewers. She shared her regret that she had chosen to debut as ‘Yoon’ instead of using her birth name Shim Ja Youn.

In a forthright response, Yoon stated that she thinks the name ‘Yoon’ is more in line with her professional persona’s image.

The presence of the Korean word ‘Ja’ in their names often draws tributes to older people. Netizens speculated that the company was trying to make her look more fashionable by selecting – “Yoon”.

While many viewers were understanding of Yoon’s regret, they also expressed strong support for her current stage name.

Reactions comprise:

“She was part of a girl group, and her name was highly symbolic. She had to blend in with the other members while still being considered ‘originally’ unique and valuable.”

Shim Ja Yoon is a good fit for her. Can’t she change her current image? “It’s not too late to change it.”

“Yoon is content with everything,” “I’m not bothered by the name.” “The name Yoon has caught on lately, but can I change it?

“I have a liking for Ja Yoon”

What is your perspective?

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