RIIZE faces overzealous fans at the airport and netizens capture members’ reactions

RIIZE has been inundated by fans at the airport.

Netizens were left in disbelief after watching footage of exaggerated crowds lining up to support RIIZE members at Incheon International Airport as they prepared to fly on their way to Paris.

Fans observed Anton embracing his bodyguard’s arm as he struggled to control the crowd. They applauded Anton for his concern for the fans and their safety, even in such challenging circumstances.

The crowd’s behavior caused member Wonbin to look shocked, as seen by many Netizens.

Reactions arrived in the air:

“I am now aware of the reason why certain acolytes come to see me, despite having their own fan base. Did you witness Anton being bullied by one fan? And still thinking about his fans.”

Wonbin’s facial expression made me realize he has something to say about the crowd.

What is your perspective?

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