Outcry from Korean netizens as KBS places Dokdo in Japan’s economic zone on broadcast map

A recent map error has led to a wave of criticism directed towards KBS, South Korea’s public broadcasting channel.

The mistake was made by KBS during a televised news segment that depicted Dokdo as Japan’s sole economic zone, and although the map in question has been removed from YouTube, it caused widespread anger among viewers.

The dispute over Dokdo, a group of islets in the East Sea, has been fueled by tensions between South Korea and Japan for years, with both countries asserting their sovereignty over the islands. This mistake has further intensified the conflict, leading to criticism from Korean netizens who have expressed disappointment and frustration.

I’m astonished that my taxes are being spent on this public program.

The netizens’ response to the incident has been to question the credibility of public broadcasting channels and their ability to represent national interests.

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