Netizens debate J.Y. Park’s advice to ITZY on sustaining popularity in ever-changing K-Pop landscape

The Netizens are receptive to J.Y. Park’s advice to ITZY on building a stable following as an idol group.

Netizens shared a YouTube clip from ten years ago where ITZY had dinner with their executive producer during their worldwide tour. J.Y. Park was seen in the screenshots discussing the group’s potential and responding to members’ questions about maintaining consistent fame in today’S music industry. The leader, Yeji, expressed frustration with how trends tend to favor certain artists for periods of time before finally losing interest.

Recent netizens on these forums have responded in part to the criticism, suggesting that J.Y. Park’s comments may not have been directly addressed by ITZY — specifically his concerns over how it would be difficult for idol groups to maintain success on a streaming platform like YouTube and SoundCloud.

Some Netizens have raised doubts about the long-lasting success of idol groups when singing live with a hand microphone.

The comments consistently emphasize the importance of “good songs” for ITZY’s success and the future of idol groups.

Reactions comprise:

“According to J.Y. Park, ITZY has a lot of individual potential, making him the final contender to keep his ground from Japan.”

“Music is all that the singers need to do…that’s it”

“No, let’s just sing some good songs for them”

Itzy and NMIXX’s lack of consistency in creating good songs saddens me.

“My perspective is that live singing has largely replaced live singers, and I believe the producer’s potential holds more weight than the skills of the performers themselves.”

“Singing with a hand mic requires survival.”

“If everyone had the ability to endure and thrive, there wouldn’t be any difficulty T_T”

“What else could J.Y. Park say to them at that moment?”

They should just get some better songs. Their first song “Wanna Be” was good but this one has been slipping off the charts and it’s almost like they’re talking about nothing.

Our country doesn’t even have a good music program with live singing and audio tools…it’s all about post-record editing.”

“Would he not be so clear-minded in his advice to just keep going and move on?”

“Just provide them with enjoyable tunes”

“I believe ITZY requires quality music to avoid the worry of losing popularity,” she stated.

“Is easy listening the most effective method to learn today?”

What is your perspective?

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