Han So Hee’s unfiltered account of her rise to fame resonates with fans

netizens are captivated by the simple story of Han So Hee.

A YouTube video featuring the actress and her current co-star Park Seo Joon showcased her candid insights into her unconventional journey to becoming an actress. According to Han So Hee, she initially pursued a full-time job to make ends meet after spending her 20s with her friends.

She narrated her past work life at a bar, working 12 hours / month for 1.8 million won (1,370 USD).She realized she could earn 3 million dollars ($2,284 USD) by working two-hour shifts and then began pursuing modeling.

Her modeling career turned into a lucrative opportunity when she was chosen to feature in ‘Ritz Crackers’ commercials, earning her an enormous amount of 20 million won at once (without splitting the profit) as she had no agency to represent her at the time.

Netizens reacted to Han So Hee’s old Ritz Crackers commercial by applauding her determination to live life to the fullest.

Reactions comprise:

“Despite being a beautiful actress, Han So Hee’s personality is what has made her so famous, as it doesn’t follow the same trajectory as other actors. She also frequently communicates with fans through livestreams on Instagram or blogs.”

“Han So Hee’s charming personality and willingness to accept negative comments about her tattoos make her a natural choice for me. I love her personality as well.”

“She is always present and never tries to be someone else”

I remember the Ritz commercial saying, “I thought you were pretty, but then realized it was Han So Hee.”

What is your perspective?

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