Expanding idol universes: RIIZE and TWS embrace web novels and comics for unique storytelling

Through the use of web novels and comics, RIIZE and TWS are expanding their universe through media that appeals to both the MZ and middle-aged demographics.

Following the success of their web novel ‘RISE&REALIZE’, RIIZE has officially announced that Season 2 will feature them as the lead characters, while TWS collaborated with Cheon Kye-young to craft an exclusive version of its debut album.

RIIZE launched Season 2 of their web novel ‘RISE&REALIZE’ on KakaoPage on the 13th, after its previous release in August of last year to coincide with their official debut. The novel features all members as protagonists and is based on an “idol growth story” and grounded in “faction” – a blend of fiction and non-fiction.

RIIZE has been able to create a unique universe distinct from other idols thanks to this genre of fiction that is grounded in reality and allows for multiple storytelling elements. The popularity of web novels, which reached its halfway point in Season 2, is expected to inspire other artists to continue building their own universes, speedsing up the integration of idol-web novels.

Counting down to the release of their debut album, TWS was successful in adding an illustrated version and enlisting K-comic master artist Cheon Kye-young. The Weverse Ver. release for their first album is exclusive and features original artwork from ‘Unplugged Boy’ as the cover artwork. This edition will be sold through Weversity digital platform.

This is the first collaboration with Cheon Kye-young, who is best known for her comic ‘Audition’ and has been working with K-pop idols since 1998.

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