aespa’s Karina draws massive crowds in Milan during fashion week

Milan’s ‘Milan Fashion Week’ has been graced by the presence of Karina and her fans.

On an online forum, netizens expressed their disbelief when they saw the aespa member surrounded by thousands of people during her appearance in Milan at the Prada F/W24 menswear fashion show. The photos depicted dozens of individuals congregating, with one even stepping inside the iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

After achieving the record-breaking feat of being the fastest 4th-generation girl group member to have over 10 million followers on Instagram, Karina was greeted with congratulations from Netizens who cheered her on.

Despite being heavily criticised on community forums since her debut, Karina has managed to gain popularity and some people are dissatisfied with the sight of a girl group member reaching the top.

“I’m not surprised by Karina’s visuals, which are the best among all 4th-grade girl bands”

Milan was the location where the queen’s Instagram Live was broadcasted.

“Observe the crowds attempting to catch a glimpse of Karina.”

What is your perspective?

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