Why didn’t Song Zhe marry Ma Rong after being released from prison? After all, they have all divorced and are still single now

Despite being released from prison some time ago, Song Zhe’s appearance has changed significantly. His eyes are now dull and his thoughts are empty like that of a soulless man. He should not have chosen the wrong path but instead would be condemned to death. Even if he had an affair with another partner, it wouldn’t have been as bad.

The marriage of Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong has shattered, while Wang’s wife has divorced. Meanwhile, Ma Zhe and her partner are single, with both now being in a state of transition. However, for the two young men, it seems like they should have married each other even before Ma Roki?

Assuming they are really together and then act as if they were in love again, taking advantage of Wang Baoqiang’s situation, their reputation could be completely reversed. Thus, it is highly likely that Song Zhe would marry Ma Rong, who may have been the most socially unjustified offenders at the time, but he did not follow suit after his release from jail. Why then, when they both had separate identities, was she left alone?

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