The rehearsal for the Dragon Year Spring Festival Gala was filled with curses! Multiple mixed actors appeared on CCTV, and the comment section exploded

The Spring Festival, a time of celebration that is beloved by millions of Chinese as ‘a haven for the soul’, always brings endless happiness and anticipation. Just as the New Year bell sounded, the stars on stage, under the bright lights, were like the most prominent stars in the night sky, steadily catching the audience’s eye.

A lot of major media outlets are watching the rehearsal for this year’s Spring Festival Gala, and they are not just looking to catch a glimpse at the lights, but to get firsthand with which celebrities may be appearing on stage.

Even though these images of the celebrities were posted online by other media, they sparked a surprise reaction from some people who have been highly critical of their looks and left comments in the comment section calling them “thugs” and even suggesting that their acting on stage would be terrible.

The controversy is reverberating through the entire network. Who are these celebrities, and why do people consider them to be “gangsters”? Is it just their popularity or this particular type of celebrity that’s causing problems among Netizens?

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