The current situation of 7 outdated artists in mainland China: humble job seekers, crying about poverty to the point of only 1 million left

In the event that artists are exhausted and find a new outlet in Hong Kong or Taiwan, what is the recommended course of action for them to make some extra cash?

“Changing careers to play golf” is how Shi Xiaolong perceives himself.

Shi Xiaolong, who has been the “smallest martial arts superstar” ever since he was three and began his training at age three, is still considered cute.

Shi Xiaolong’s acting career spanned 7 years, from 1994 to 2001 when he was between the ages of 6 and 12. He starred in over 20 film and television dramas, including “Xilinx”, “New Wulong Academy”,”Young Huang Feihong”, and “Youn Zi Qingtian”.

He halted his entertainment career in 2003 and went to the United States to study. By the time he comes back, his position in the film/TV industry is already endangered.

The transformations that occur during the growth process are uncontrollable. Shi Xiaolong was once charming, but as he aged, his taste became increasingly dull. He is short and muscular, which falls short of the standard aesthetic standards for male protagonists in modern film and television dramas.

As an adult, he was limited to playing only minor supporting roles in films and TV plays or a few scenes.

His most notable presence in recent years has been a rumor with He Jie, who has since remarried and continued to be the sole mother of three.

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