‘Single’s Inferno’ Kwan Hee reflects on ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ journey with gratitude and authenticity

Lee Kwan Hee, who appeared on the Netflix dating show ‘Single’s Inferno 3,’ took time to express his thoughts after their appearance.

During an interview on January 10 KST, Lee Kwan Hee shared his thoughts on participating in the popular reality dating show. He mentioned, “I remember watching it years ago and it really challenged me. My candid personality may not have been well-liked by others, but I’m glad I was not.”

During the running of ‘Single’s Inferno 3,’ Lee Kwan Hee demonstrated his unfiltered and honest approach to building relationships with other contestants, flaunting his unique personality and beliefs throughout the show, inspiring mixed reactions from viewers and fellow cast members.

Lee Kwan Hee expressed his gratitude towards the cast and production team for their pivotal role in ‘Single’s Inferno 3,’ emphasizing the importance of being united as one family.

Moreover, Lee Kwan Hee extended an invitation to fans and viewers to support the LG Sakers, a professional basketball team located in Changwon, where he is presently active. He called on fans to attend the team’s games at the Changwan Indoor Gymnasium and engage with the multi-talented player.

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