She spent 7 years forcing her original partner away, married into a wealthy family for 3 years, but suffered from organ failure and passed away in her husband’s arms

The life trajectory of Xu Huafeng, the actress who played the sister of Daoming Temple in Meteor Garden, is one of drama’s great stories. Although she may have been forgotten by time, it is like a shooting star crossing the night sky, leaving enduring memories and shining with an eternal glow.

Xu Huafeng was a girl who had traveled from the youth of Taiwan to the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry. Her eyes were filled with endless yearning for the future, as if saying, “This world will be mine!” However, her life took swoopy once the wheel of fate struck.

The dream of marrying a wealthy family for seven years was realized after waiting for the perfect storm. However, it seems like all that happened in this glamorous marriage. It’s hard to imagine how three years later this tragic reality could have turned into true history. Xu Huafeng suffered from systemic organ failure and ended her life as pampered star.

Her tale is heartbreaking, like a film of highs and lowses, filled with unexpected twists. It has helped people understand the fragility of destiny and the unpredictability of fate. She passed away suddenly, as if by magic. Xu Huafeng’s story will be remembered for generations.

Xu Huafeng was once a shining star in that world under the bright lights of day and night. She had escaped her small reputation, but fate didn’t want her to continue with it. As her entertainment career took slant, she was determined to change her ways and enter the luxury realm.

During her journey, she encountered many unexpected twists. She eventually met Cai Mengcheng, a wealthy magnate from Taiwan’s Caitlin firm, who was essentially her only offspring. Although their relationship was initially romantic and tender, the concept of family status became like an invisible barrier, ultimately ending this bond.

Nevertheless, don’t assume that this is the final chapter. Xu Huafeng, the female lead, is not someone who easily loses her mind. Her journey took a dramatic turn when she encountered another magnate, Tang Wei. Tang wei fell in love with her at first sight, and the two of them determined to write nonsense. However, this man is already occupied with his family by being husband and father.

The story transformed into a bloody love story. How can Tang Wei’s ex-wife become the background girl for the “impressive mistress”? This led to ten years of hush-hugging and covert combat before it finally unraveled.

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