New poster for ‘Doctor Slump’ reveals nostalgic vibes and sets high expectations

‘Doctor Slump, the drama series by JTBC, is set to debut on January 27 KST and features Park Shin Hye as Nam Ha Neul, a committed anesthesiologist who undergoes self-reflection.

The poster, which was released today, adds to the excitement surrounding the series. Park Shin Hye and Park Hyungsik’s images of them sitting together with ice cream on the couch capture the nostalgic and heartwarming moment. As they make a comeback in the romantic comedy category, fans are eager to see them bring relatable characters to life.

The character’s portrayal of Park Shin Hye involves emotional changes, with the aim of depicting Nam Ha Neul as a recovering individual who is struggling with future-focused challenges. She shared that she was informed by consulted psychiatrists during her time in acting and received guidance from them on how to deal with depression.

The upcoming episode of ‘Doctor Slump,’ set to air on January 27 at 10:30 PM, is sure to be an electrifying blend of romance and comedy.

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