Netflix version ofis scheduled, lacking grand scenes, tampering with ancient Chinese scenes, and there is a possibility of bad dramas

“Three Body Problem” was officially announced on January 10th as a teaser trailer, released exclusively by Netflix on March 21st. It was created by David Benioff&D.B. Wes and Alexander Wu, the creators of Game of Thrones, with Liu Cixin and Li Yukun as consultant producers, and Zeng Guoxiang as director of the first episode.

“Three Body Problem” may have a negative reputation and become mediocre, depending solely on the prerelease trailers. The show will not include many of the content that fans are eager to see.

Fans are anticipating some grand moments and powerful special effects, which are not included in the current version of “Three Body Problem.” However, the first part of the novel lacks genuine combat scenes, mostly being “mind attacking strategies”.

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