“National Witness” sequel IP full layoutsummer release

All is set at the beginning of the new year, and Beijing’s Zidong Jiaying Film Co., Ltd. (together with Beijing 21st Century Weike Media Co. LTD. and Bejing Zhentong Film and Television Media Company co-ordinated the “Purple Air from the East” Light and Shadow Banquet which ended perfectly on 6 January; this was the perfect opportunity to announce many new projects that already have caught wide receivers and industry expectations; now comes the movie “Nationwide Witness 2”, which has received more hype in response to an optimistically so

“Transition Space,” the next installment in producer Xiao Kai’s “Innovation Trilogy” series, is set to release in 2024. It features Yu Nan, Wang Jingchun, and Cai Heng as lead actors, with prominent stars such as Huang Yi, Zhao Da, Ma Yuke, Huang Yinglei, Cong Shan, who starred in “Painted Skin” and “Witnessed by the People.” The film will be released in summer of the same year.

National Witness’s Sequel Movie Season was upgraded with a surprise upgrade at the national level, as announced by Broadcast Network.

“The national eyewitness” movie was released in September 2013 and received a high score of 7.8 on the Doban review. Its multi-layered structure, suspenseful plotlines, and endless twists and turns earned it nearly 200 million yuan at the box office.

Officially launching at the same event site is the seasonal web drama “All People Witness”, which will extend the story and characters of the movie “ALL People’s” to a wider audience for greater contentment.Producer Xiao Kai has announced that the Web series with “National Witness” (an online series featuring more than one season) will have multiple seasons, and this brand will be able to continue operating for years; while also, an online drama concept poster showing good guys with ripped bladed blood was revealed.

The “National Witness” series IP, which will meet the audience in the form of stage plays and immersive dramas, enables viewers to experience the story of “The National Witness,” including its sequel, on an interactive platform.

The Summer season of Movie2024 begins with a group of powerful actors who accompany the film.

The “National Witness” series of IPs has been accompanied by the release of “Transition Space” in 2024, which is also a surprise due to the “Purple Air Coming from the East, National Excellent Screening” light and shadow feast event.

“Transition Space” features Yu Nan, an actress who played a negotiation expert and was inspired by the film’s storyline. She stated that it was incredibly polished throughout the movie. Cong Shan, another strong actor playing the orphanage director, expressed her fondness for the unique theme of the plot and hopes to be loved by audiences. Young actor Cai Heng plays the highest-ranking astronaut in the scene, and he believes that the transition is highly satisfying.

Purple East Excellent Film Industry (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. is co-sponsoring the “Purple Qi Comes from the East, National Excellent Movie” Light and Shadow Banquet with Beijing 21st Century Weike Media Co.L.I.

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