Li Wei’s latest cello album “Love on the Piano” for 2024 is about to be released

Young cellist Li Wei’s latest physical album for cello, “Love of the Qin,” is set to be released nationwide soon! With 11 tracks on record, LiWei uses a variety of instruments, including guzheng, guitar, xiao (bell), piano, pipa and string, to create aesthetically stunning music for the audience.

“Qin Zhi Lian” is an album that features 11 original compositions, all of which were created by renowned composer and music producer Xiao Chun. The cello playing on the album is lush and powerful, yet delicate and melodious, echoing and harmonizing with the sound of other instruments. It stirs up diverse artistic feelings such as peace, elegance, joy, sadness, grandeur, and shock. Romantic harmony with guitar, composing the melody of first love in; Empathize withthe guitar”, and so on.

According to reports, Li Wei’s physical album “Love of the Qin” will be released in three CD versions this year as part of 2024. The CDs will come in HQCDII, 1:1 motherboard direct edition, and AAD gold motherboard version, with hopes of revitalizing the audiovisual experience and inspiring people in the new year.

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