Li Li becomes a monk! Mr. Qiang is imprisoned! Baozong Turning Crisis into SafetyEpisode

The Exceptional TV drama “Fanhua” ended the evening of January 9th with its own ending, which included the following: General Manager Bao, Lingzi, Miss Wang, Li Li, and others.

By finally turning the tide and avoiding the possibility of bankruptcy, Mr. Bao succeeded in his plan to topple his powerful leader, but was imprisoned for non-compliance. He returned to Ah Baou from the Peace Hotel, leaving his story behind which was later disseminated throughout the martial arts world. Miss Wang and Mr Wei discovered the first bucket of gold. Li Li was arrested for pretending to be someone else’s ID card, and after being released from prison, he decided to become a monk in Guangzhou on an oddity of giving birth (

The TV drama “Fanhua” has become a cultural phenomenon at the beginning of 2024, with Jin Yucheng’s original novel being out of stock on various platforms, tourists visiting Huanghe Road in Shanghai, and Bao and Miss Wang’ll’S favorite pork ribs and rice cake shop languishing in long lines.

In all honesty, the TV program “Fanhua” has lost much of its similarities to the original production. The subtitles of the drama version indicate that a portion of this drama’s content originates from and is not related to it.

The plot is arranged into a single year (1993-94), with the setting and primary scene situated in Huanghe Road Food Street, where people converse about trade, stocks, and global issues… Hu Ge plays Bao, who is always the only male protagonist, depending on his fortune from stock trading and foreign trade business to keep him warm along the beach in Shanghai.

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