Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin, and Jang Seung Jo join forces in ‘Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar’

Set in the heart of KBS2, the drama series ‘Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar’ is set to premiere in March and features a mix of melodramatic elements and thrilling suspense. The story follows the protagonist, despite his or her commitment to journalism, an unrelenting journalist who finds herself caught up in raging murder mysteries.

The role of Seo Jeong Won, a determined reporter with her own character and the ability to uncover hidden truths, will be played by Kim Ha Neul. In particular, viewers are left wondering about how they reconcile with their ex-partner Kim Tae Heon and husband Seokl Woo Jae, while investigating ‘an all-out murder case.”

Yeon Woo Jin, known for his diverse roles, takes on the role of Kim Tae Heon, a detective who is willing to face the darker side of society. As Tawks confront his ex-partner Seo Jeong Won during erotic encounters, emotions grow increasingly complex.

The character of Seol Woo Jae, a second-generation chaebol follower and spouse of actor Seok Jeong Won, is played by Jang Seung Jo. His portrayal leaves the scene feeling polished and filled with darkness and emptiness at first. He always believed that his life with his wife would be stable, but this reality becomes increasingly uncertain as he steps down.

‘Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar’ has generated plenty of excitement for its captivating plot, weaving together the intricate relationships and searching for clues in a murder mystery. With three distinguished actors on board, the drama is sure to be harrowing.

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