K-netizens nominate BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) as the male idol with one of the prettiest Instagram feeds

V of BTS starrer Kim Taehyung is always on the news, and this time it’s about his Instagram.

Taehyung’s artistic soul is evident in everything he does, including music, fashion, photoshoots, and everyday vibes. His Instagram feed has become a hot topic due to his unique style.

Taehyung has previously informed Weverse magazine that he never edits or filters his photos, as a result of his preference for an unprocessed appearance.

Netizens shared a recent Instiz post, in which Taehyung revealed that she has one of the most stunning Instagram feeds among male luminaries.

“His pictures are a perfect match for his candid streak, but his personality is all about creating an Instagram vibe.”

His feed today was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.

Netizens from other countries expressed:

Taehyungie’s appearance is genuinely cool, and his photo vibe is highly appealing to me.

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