Is Jennie currently in the United States to record new music for her full album?

Jennie from BLACKPINK is possibly in the US producing new music. She posted a photo on Instagram, which she deleted soon after, but not before netizens with star gazed at her.

Fans have speculated that Jennie is currently at the Chalice Recording Studio in Los Angeles, California, working with James Fauntleroy. This has been suggested based on the shared image, as James, a Grammy-winning composer who has worked with artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars, was also featured on her card.

The conversation was heightened by James sharing his own Instagram Story from the same recording studio, which may lead to a musical collaboration.

The netizen ended the post with, “Something big is coming for us.”

Netizens observed that YG’s activities were mostly focused on making money from tours, and she seems to be moving quickly towards her own label.

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