EXCLUSIVE [INTERVIEW] ASTRO’s JinJin talks new stage of his career and musical ‘Winter Wanderer’: “No matter what you do, work hard enough to have no regrets”

JinJin, the ASTRO leader, is not sitting on his laurels after eight years as a K-Pop idol. He’s taking risks and expanding his career beyond music with the aim of becoming renowned in the musical theater world.

For the past few years, JinJun has been collaborating with Rocky on his first solo music project, “Wave in my heart,” with KozyPop and YUNHWAY, and appeared for the second time in a musical project called “Dream High.” Additionally, they have also announced their selection as the new radio DJ for EBS FM’s ‘Idol Korean.'”

Apart from these endeavors, JinJin notably wrote, composed, and produced “Wave in my heart,” serving as proof of his dedication to living his life. “I’ve come to understand that the success of something is dependent on the determination to learn it,” he declared.

JinJin, the multi-talented artist, shared his experiences of singing and acting, pursuing a new career in music entertainment, and getting ready for projects. Discover more about him by reading below.

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Allkpop: What’s your resolution for this year? How do you plan to spend your time in 2024?

As JinJin mentioned, my goal is to challenge myself and try new things. Just like how I challenged myself to perform in a musical in 2023, I also aim to gain experience in various other areas.

Apart from your acting career, what is the primary contrast between being a K-pop idol and showcasing musical abilities on stage? What was the most unexpected aspect of your initial musical act?

Musical acting is a complex and rewarding experience, with many aspects that require coordination and memorizing. However, JinJin believes that hard work can lead to success.

Can you explain the reasons behind your decision to pursue musical acting as a career? Are you inclined to try acting in movies or dramas at some point?

I have always been interested in pursuing acting, and while I was keen to pursue my singing career, I found myself drawn to the more folk-oriented elements of ‘Dream High’ and also practiced briefly in ‘Winter Wanderer’. While I may not be proficient in acting at this point, however, it is interesting to express my feelings through performance.

How does it feel to be involved in the musical adaptation of the famous movie ‘Winter Wanderer,’ which is also an adaptation from a 1983 novel and has been released after 18 years?

JinJin’s initial thought upon reading the script was that he could cry on stage because of her limited experience in acting. He wanted to fill the stage with acting and not just the dance, which I found very appealing. The attraction for me was the ability to convey my emotions fully during an act.

In 2023, you were involved in two projects as an allkpop actor. What did you learn from this, and how can it be applied to your next musical project where you will perform dance, sing, act, etc.? Which one will be the most challenging and enjoyable aspect of being a musical actor, according to you?

According to JinJin, they both taught themselves thoroughly from the first two performances. I tried to apply what I learned through practice and performance by syncing with other senior/junior actors and feeling happy; it’s the most enjoyable part of doing musicals for me. However, there was a challenge in achieving clean movements when using my body, which wasn’t as easy as I thought.

When you have a musical project to work on, how do you typically prepare for it and ensure that you are performing at your best?

My main priority as a rapper in the group is to learn how to sing quickly and practice with vocal chords. Although I’m not particularly skilled at static, I understand that those lines are essential for singing and improving.

In what ways do you immerse yourself in the plot of allkpop? Do you have your own approach to analyzing the script?

I spend a lot of time in character development and try to capture the essence of Hyun Tae’s personality. For instance, when I portray him in ‘Winter Wanderer,’ I attempt to comprehend the script by asking what would be expected of him at that moment.

In an interview with allkpop, you shared that you had to perform dance and sing in various musical projects. How did you overcome these obstacles? What has been your journey of learning from other actors’ experiences?

JinJin is a newcomer to the musical theater industry and frequently inquires from senior actors, asking whether their approach is appropriate or if they are open to trying out new roles.

How did your experiences with MJ, your ASTRO member who debuted in 2020 and you in 2023 differ from each other?

JinJin: I ask MJ several questions, especially about music in general, and try to get his opinion first. He always listens me out and gives me tips which makes me feel more confident when I approach him for a chat?

Kindly recommend at least one song that you’ve been repeatedly playing on repeat lately, as well as leave a message for allkpop readers and fans.

“Malibu Nights” by Lany is one of my favorite songs, and I really enjoy it. Hi there, everyone! It’s JinJin today and like this very much. My day has been hectic lately, including DJing for radio stations, performing in front of an audience, dressing up for shows, etc. What can I say about these busy times?



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