Dispatch releases all the Kakaotalk conversations between the two women who blackmailed Lee Sun Gyun

A series of Kakaotalk conversations and messages that were uncovered by South Korean media outlet Dispatch have brought to light the sinister plan of two women who blackmail actor Lee Sun Gyun.

The news agency provided a breakdown of each individual involved in the case and their interconnectedness throughout the extortion scam.

The person who introduced Lee Sun Gyun to the room salon at Entertainment Establishment G, a regular customer and senior member of Mr. G’s business empire.

The owner of the 1% room salon, Ms. K, has six prior drug convictions and is now being investigated for blackmailing and extortion by Lee Sun Gyun. She is also in the same apartment complex as her best friend P.

Ms. L, who worked at the salon for M K, had a drug-related incident with her ex-partner.

Ms. L’s former partner, Mr. S, was the one who reported her drug use to him because he got upset with K for taking drugs while she was in a relationship.

The sender of the threatening message, identified as ‘NeNekoddin’, sent on September 23rd, 2023, informed Ms. K that he was a hacker.

Upon receiving the menacing messages, Ms. K requested assistance from Mr. P through captured photos.

During police investigations, Ms. K revealed that her best friend is Mabel P, and they both live in the same apartment complex.

Following that day, NeNemDdin sent a Kakaotalk message to Ms. P at 10 PM saying: “Tell K to look at her Telegram”.

Jung Da Eun, who is currently serving time in prison, was suspected by Ms. K to be NeNemDdin, but she didn’t take the threat seriously enough to believe it was a joke during her further inquiry.

Who is the person NeNemDdin is threatening to call?

Despite the situation, Ms. K was very casual and said she wasn’t sure.

Ms. K was unafraid of the blackmailer and stated, “I’m not willing to pay any ransom.”

Ms. K had prior knowledge that Lee Sun Gyun was not the target of NeNemDdin’s blackmail attempts.

Ms. K was in dire need of money.

The background information of Ms. K involved Malia L, a salon worker, with drugs. Later, her boyfriend, Mr S, discovered the situation and threatened to report her to the authorities after she tried desperately to coax him out.

The messages that Ms.K sent to Mr.S in text form are as follows:

“Hi, this is K. Please excuse me.”

“In your honor, Ms. L, I have agreed to pay you ten million KRW in damages for legal expenses, as per your choice.”

also penned a letter to Jung Da Eun. I have lots of backing so don’t bite the f**k.

How did you come across my number, Mr. S?

“I’m not looking for legal help, lawyers or whatever, but you can handle it on your own and still be helpful. Don’t repeat the same old nonsense like, “Do as I please; Ms. L, I will give you ten million KRW for my legal expenses. Then again, after all these years of going through difficult times, let us just go together.”

To obtain money from Lee Sun Gyun, Ms. K sent a captured conversation of NeNemDdin’s blackmail to Lee and informed MSP that she had also told him about the hacker.

During the same period, Ms. P disclosed to Mr. K that she understands the meaning of “NeNaNomaddin” and how young people refer to it in Korean.

Due to this, Ms. K is convinced that the hacker is none other than Jung Da Eun.

Ms. K believes that NeNemDdin is a personal friend of Jung Da Eun, who previously went by the name ‘Chafaghetti’.

The knowledge of Ms. P’s thinking was that she would assume NeNemDdin to be Jung Da Eun, according to her.

‘NeNaEmDdin’ was identified by the Police as Ms. P.

Upon receiving the burner phone, which had a corporate ID, Ms. P created an account with the username ‘NeNekodin’ and sent it to another company employee to see if it was displayed on Telegram for her.

Ms. P began to use the term ‘NeNaNomDdin’ when threatening MSPs, after which she went on with K.

“You were under the impression that I was telling you a lie”

What if you still read it?

“I’ll be waiting at the G establishment.”

“You’re about to be subjected to a rude awakening.”

“Let’s not cause harm to countless individuals and pass away without assistance.”

“I possess all the necessary recordings, videos, and photos.”

“Irrespective of the P’s stance on the matter”

By blaming her celebrity customers on Kakatalk, Ms. K developed weaknesses and was frequently threatened by Mme P.

The blackmail operation initiated by Ms.P aimed to obtain 100 million KRW by using the moniker ‘NeNekodi’ against Malia K.

The meaning is as simple as this.

“If you make 100 million KRW by Wednesday, your daily lateness will be counted as 10 million.”

I won’t ask for more than what is required.

I’m not a creepy individual.

Make a payment by Wednesday.

Place it inside the fire hydrant situated in front of your dwelling.

This is the final time I’m going to disclose anything.

If you don’t want to ruin someone else’s life, get ready for it.

You don’t seem to comprehend the situation at hand.

Nonetheless, you have the ability to disengage from it.

If you lose everyone by spreading false information, they will be deserted.

I’ll send this to your mother if you don’t agree with me, and (blank).

If the burner phone is released tomorrow, I’ll start with a box of Sun Gyun.

Be mindful of your surroundings.

“Hacker blackmail” was viewed by Ms. K as a viable method to increase her earnings.

Ms. K utilized this opportunity to obtain money from Lee Sun Gyun by sending messages to him stating that she has been threatened with their pictures.

She acted as if she had protection over him.

‘NeNekoDdin’ was depicted as a cruel hacker who betrayed her. Ms. K then asked Lee Sun Gyun for 300 million KRW.

Ms. K contacted Lee Sun Gyun through the lengthy messages, to which she admitted having to go in for questioning and fearing that her phone would be subjected to forensic testing.

She expressed concern that Lee Sun Gyun and she might ignore NeNeMDdin and resort to press conferences. This would require Lee too receive 300 million KRW to pay for the “hacker” since Ms. K said it would be a no-go situation.

It was disclosed that Ms. K made the decision to take the 300 million KRW and run.

In a message to Ms. P, Mme. K stated that she would not be giving money to ‘Ne NeNamDdin.’ When asked what would happen with Lee Sun Gyun, who gave the money, her reply was: “Hell be f***ed up.”

Lee Sun Gyun’s lack of a clear response made Ms. K persistent in her efforts to negotiate with NeNemDdin.

Lee Sun Gyun was hesitant to give the money even when the negotiation day was coming up. Therefore, Ms. K asked Mr. P what she could do to get him to hand over the funds.

In the end, Lee Sun Gyun drafted a contract and gave Ms. K 300 million KRW.

Ms. K sent pictures of the money to NeNemDdin and promised to give it to her.

Ms. K was able to run away with the money, prompting MSP to contact her and find her.

Despite the incident, Ms. K went unnoticed and continued to disregard Mr. P.

Despite her assurance to contact Ms. P, she never did, and instead sent a message to her, stating that the hacker is now threatening her by running with money.

The incident was reported to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) by Ms. K, who then claimed that she had not received any information about it when contacting MSP.

Ms. K says goodbye to Mrs P and pledges to look after NeNemDdin as the NIS is monitoring them closely.

Upon being told by Ms. K to stop talking to people in her vicinity, she promises to contact her again, but MSP P insists that it is unnecessary for her to do so.

Upon receiving this, Ms. P informs Mr. S and then promptly reports Mr. K for drug use.

The police were informed of Ms. P’s drug use by Mr. S, who then brought her to them in October as well.

Investigations had already been started by the police on Ms. K after Mr. S reported her to them.

Despite this, Ms. P provided the police with additional evidence, such as hair samples and Mme. K’s Kakaotalk talk with celebrities.

It was disclosed that Ms. K had applied for a passport and visa to operate in foreign countries.

Ms. K was apprehended by the police on October 18.

Ms. P established a new ID and called Mr. G, who is Lee Sun Gyun’s closest confidant, at that time.

After negotiations with Mr. G to retrieve the funds, Ms. P used intimidation tactics and arranged a Kakaotalk group discussion with Lee Sun Gyun’s side. However, she was not heard by the other side and instead chose to ignore her.

Kakaotalk had no effect and Mr. G opted to file a lawsuit.

Mr. G asserts that the money was already transferred to Ms. K and continues to disregard NeNemDdin, who later reduced the ransom to 50 million KRW.

After a prolonged struggle, Lee Sun Gyun finally received 50 million KRW from her side, but it was not without significant difficulties as she had been blackmailed by two women.

Despite Lee Sun Gyun’s existence, the police did not provide any updates on the extortion case.

Following Lee Sun Gyun’s death, the police made an immediate arrest of the hacker (NeNechDdin/ Ms. P) in Busan.

The Police were focusing on Ms. K’s testimony on the drug case and conducting a thorough investigation of Lee Sun Gyun, according to Dispatch.

The police had never interrogated Ms. K regarding her words and testimonies, relying solely on her testimony.

G-Dragon was summoned by Ms. K when she mentioned Lee Sun Gyun.

The only victim in this case was Lee Sun Gyun, and he was made out to be the only suspect in a drug case without any solid evidence.

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