Director Jeong Dong Yoon recalls Han So Hee’s dedication during her ‘Gyeongseong Creature’ injury

During an interview on January 10 KST, Jeong Dong Yoon, the director of ‘Gyeongseung Creature’, remembered that Han So Hee was visibly bruised when she fell while shooting the Netflix series last year for the first time.

“I was engulfed. I couldn’t get near enough, and I heard an ‘ack’ sound while watching it,” said Director Jeong Dong Yoon, who also mentioned that the scene where Hee was tied up in chains and struggling before encountering the monster resulted in her being hit in the face by the chains.

Director Jeong Dong Yoon praised Han So Hee’s unwavering dedication to her role despite the injury. “She was so genuine in her portrayal that she fully immersed herself in the scene.”

The director expressed his appreciation for Han So Hee’s hard work and dedication, acknowledging that it was a difficult experience.

Han So Hee shared her thoughts on injuries during a production presentation in December of last year. She mentioned that the stunt team and all the actors involved in the scene experienced injuries, making it fortunate to not get injured. “The environment is very different from what I have personally encountered, and regardless of how well I prepare for filming, everyone works diligently.”

It was revealed by her that she may have overlooked one aspect, which was the need to make a distinction between what she could and couldn’t do to avoid injury. Han So Hee acknowledged that being too hard on herself can hinder the filming process or even result in more tears. However, her unwavering dedication to her craft shines through in her performances, earning her respect and admiration from both coworkers and fans.

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