Chen Jianbin and Hu Jun are in charge, and X Theater’s suspense drama “Black Soil Silence” premieres

On the 10th, Hu Jun and Chen Jianbin’s suspense criminal investigation drama “Silent in Black Soil” will be broadcasting. Fans of this thriller drama will also have access to a new drama for fans of other genres.

The film, directed by Zang Xichuan and featuring Chen Jianbin, Hu Jun, Deng Jiajia, Shi Ce, Lu Hong, Chen Jingke, Yu Yang, Feng QinchuAN, Zhao Jiany, Wang Guangyuans, Lin xiao, Ying Jiadong, Jiang Hongbo.

The plot of “Black Soil Without Words” centers on a tragic incident in the Lanhe River in Northeast China, where three individuals lost their lives suddenly, but their circumstances were different. Guan Yu, the captain of the team responsible for investigating the crime scene, conducted an investigation, and suspects emerged one after another. Yang Si was incarcerated for two months, while Hu Jun played his stepson, Yang Xuesong.

The amalgamation of memories from the past, fireworks, the urgency to solve cases within 5 days, and vivid character portrayals has generated intense debates and hopes.

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