51 year old Wang Feng’s career and love have achieved double harvests? After the release of the new song, my ex-wife posted a message suggesting that she wanted to get back together

The retreat at Dao Lang once again allowed those who stood in Wang Feng’s place to rise from the ashes. Wang has been doing great at his age 51, and it should be a double harvest!


Before Dao Lang retires for a second time, on December 6th.

Wang Feng’s life is difficult, with netizens in the comment section expressing their dissatisfaction and boycotting him for his commercial performances.

The reason for all of this being his teasing of Dao Lang during that period.

The country’s affection for Dao Lang was triggered by the 2002 snowfall in 2004.

Wang Feng, a half-hearted rock and roll icon, did not acknowledge Dao Lang’s achievements by greeting him with open arms or offering congratulations, but instead posted an article that labeled his actions as “a tragedy in the music industry.” This behavior is clearly out of line!

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