ZE:A’s Taeheon shares Kwanghee’s generous acts towards fellow members

A touching story about his friend Kwanghee was told by Taeheon, a member of the boy group ZE:A.

Taeheon, who had been in the spotlight since ZE:A’s hiatus, was revealed as the recipient of “Christmas in August” during the second round of MBC’S ‘Mystery Music Show: King of Mask Singer’ on the afternoon of December 7th, after losing to a devious evil named – Snowflake.

During his time at a Coupang logistics center, Taeheon was struggling financially and working for 1-2 years before being offered the opportunity for an interview. “Thanks to the support of many people, I was able to overcome my challenges and gain confidence.”

He expressed a smile, saying that he had just performed in symphonic music and was getting ready to pursue an acting career. He also received applause for sharing the news of managing grilled kimchi restaurant with 140 million won per month.

He shared on his YouTube channel ‘Current Status Olympics’ in November of last year that he began working as a part-time worker at the kimchi grill restaurant and has since progressed to Managing Director, earning about 5 million won per month.

Kim Sung-joo inquired, “Why did you not ask him to talk about his good character on ‘King of Mask Singer?” When Taeheon asked, what was an interesting fact about Kwanghee?

“We receive pocket money from Kwanghee every time we meet him. As it is impossible to withdraw large amounts of cash at one convenience store ATM, he travels to multiple locations to obtain cash bundles for members who are not active. He also suggests transferring funds to their accounts two weeks before their birthday and still providing them with comfort, creating a friendly atmosphere.

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