Ryu Jun Yeol hilariously clarifies reaction to J.Y. Park’s performance

A video called ‘Pisik Show’ by the YouTube channel showcasing Ryu Jun Yeol about J.Y Park after the Blue Dragon Film Awards was uploaded on July 7th.

A video was released that showed Ryu Jun Yeol’s reaction to J.Y Park’S jaw-dropping performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. The moment caused a lot of speculation due to his head-shaking and serious facial expressions, and when asked about his dislike, he replied with an awkward tone, “I just loved it.”

He continued: ‘I really liked it. I just clapped up and said, hey, they were so cute!’ ‘He continued by saying, “Wow, damn!” And the performance was crazy-while… [Laughter] Pulled back into his head as people kept laughing for an extended period.’ Asked by Yeol who was on the phone with him: ‘You know what happened?’ The commenter added: Young woman JYP performed in front of her while she was playing; she looked adorable. When when did this incident that time too young

Asked about his tired expression: ‘I was a bit tired.’ NewJeans did well at the festival, and J.Y Park took center stage as part of the film. asked if he regretted his answer: “I don’t regret it – I like that kind of thing; people have used it all day”.

After being asked if it was possible to say something about J.Y Park, he responded with appreciation, saying, “It’s even bigger than my birthday. Thank you so much for ensuring that I had a warm end of the year. I truly appreciate it.”

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