Park Seo Ham thanks BTS’s Jin for sending him a bottle of the wine he made in 2022

Park Seo Ham, the actor/singer, showcased his long-standing friendship with BTS member Jin.

Park Seo Ham updated his Instagram story on January 7 KST with a special gift that he received in the mail. He wrote, “Thank you for making me ‘the Butterfly’s Pot of Honey by Seokjin Hyung.”

The wine that Jin made handcrafted during his time on ‘The Drunken Truth’ back in 2022 is worth remembering for its special effects. Fans may recall that he personally prepared the wine by washing the rice 100 times throughout the process, and now it seems to have been given to one of its recipients!

During their time as trainees at Big Hit, Park Seo Ham and Jin have developed a close friendship that they have maintained over the years.

Park Seo Ham, who completed his mandatory military service as a public service worker in December of 2023, is now making arrangements to return to acting. Meanwhile, Jin is expected to complete his obligatory military duty in June of this year.

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