LUCY triumphs with successful overseas concerts, charms fans in Indonesia with ‘WE ARE LANDING’

LUCY has achieved consecutive international tours.

LUCY (Shin Yechan, Choi Sangyeop, Chi Wonsang, Shin Kwangil) performed their debut show ‘WE ARE LANDING’ at the Balai Sarbini Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 6th.

At the ‘Opening’ stage, LUCY began the evening by heating up the audience with his irresistible bass riff on “Straight Line” and the fast-paced song “Jogging”.

The audience enthusiastically sing-alonged the first song and at concert too, LUCY made ‘Dan’ one of the songs that everyone knows from Jakarta, an all-time favorite band known as Sheila On 7, a standout for them, with local fans warmly applauding.

Following that, a lineup of LUCY’s hits was presented, including their latest single ‘Boogie Man’, as well as other tracks such as -Flowering’ from last year, followed by upcoming albums from 2013 and 2014, plus the more recent additions by Sonya Makarewski.

In addition to their previous appearance, LUCY showcased their trustworthiness by playing ‘Chae-wo’, an iconic stage where Shin Yechan performs violin solo under blindfolded lights. They then performed tailor-made band songs called ‘Leave it Alone’ and ‘Right’, which attracted enthusiastic sing-alongs among fans who danced in their seats.

Following the conclusion of the main event with the ‘Ending’ stage filled with ongoing emotions, LUCY donned traditional Indonesian clothing gifted by local fans and delivered an explosive performance with a mix of riffs and hits including -Flare (by Jakarta natives), Darren Wilson’s remix of Daniel Bryano and his cover of I Can’t F*** You.

The emotional atmosphere was lifted by a special event prepared by Indonesian fans. A video fairy tale featuring LUCY was created by local fans, along with fan art and messages of support written in multiple languages such as English, Korean, and Indonesianese.

LUCY displayed strong emotions while performing the fan song ‘I Am You’ with them.

The enthusiastic response from fans has left LUCY feeling grateful for the support they have received.

LUCY’s first international concert, the solo show ‘WE ARE LANDING’, was held in Taipei, Taiwan last September and sold out all seats before they concluded their tour in Indonesia.

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