Lim Young Woong’s ‘IM HERO’ tour enthralls fans in Gwangju

The Kim Dae-jung Convention Center in Gwangju was the venue for Lim Young Woong’s national tour concert, ‘IM HERO’, which took place from the 5th to the 7th.

A splendid and intense opening performance by Lim Young Woong featured a selection of songs such as ‘Sand Grain’, ‘London Boy’ (my first love), ‘Life’s Anthem’; ‘A bientot’ (12 September 2014), an open mic (13 October 2014) ‘HERO’ (10 February 2015), another open bar (14 February 2013) but also the popular music video (X-Miami Undergraduation Songbook: “We Did Not Make Love”, ‘You Belong To You’ (192) ‘Be My Father’.

The top-notch stage continued to shine, incorporating high-quality screens, large and intricate stage performances, rich sounds from the band’s soundstage, and dance team choreography, all adding to the prestige of the performance.

He delivered a talk concert called ‘Lim Young Woong’s Space’, where he shared stories requested on-site. His sense of humor and comedic timing enabled him to empathize with the stories, bringing joy and laughter to the audience.

Following his flawless performance to the final song with Hero Age’s group singing and response, Lim Young Woong concluded the Gwangju concert by promising a follow-up performance.

‘I’m Hero Station’, an inviting resting place where everyone can unwind, is managed by Lim Young Woong. This event is changing the way people wait in line, turning waiting time into excitement. Not only does it send postcards to a spaceman that resembles his fan club Hero Age, but also features commemorative stamps from different regions such as Australia and New Zealand, as well as face painting with various photo zones and standee areas.

Following his exceptional performance in Gwangju, Lim Young Woong will move his stage to Goyang. The GoYang concert, which was also opened to connect with more members of Hero Age, will be held from the 19th to 21st at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1, and an encore concert will take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on May 25th and 26th.

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