Lee Young Ji indirectly responds to criticism that she has ‘no songs’ to perform at her own solo concert

Lee Young Ji, the musician, was indirectly criticized by certain K-netizens for holding a solo concert when she had “no songs” available.

‘The Main Character’, Lee Young Ji’s debut solo concert in Seoul, is part of her ongoing 1st Asia tour. The event will take place at the Blue Square Mastercard Hall from February 17-18, and there will be a free ticket sale available online.

Some netizens asked questions following the announcement of the concert, such as: ‘How can someone like that have a solo show? Is this some kind of talkative event?’ “

Several individuals expressed doubts about the show’s authenticity, stating that it was more of a fan meeting than an actual performance.

The vocalist posted on her Instagram story on January 7, saying, “I assure you, I will not regret it. Those who are present at my concert should come to see me. The tickets are going on sale soon.”

Lee Young Ji answered a fan’s DM in another story, asking if she could bring an old friend over for rap. She was worried about crashing the party and wanted to make sure they had fun even though she didn’t know much about the genre.

In the meantime, Lee Young Ji has released approximately 11 singles and acted in more than 20 songs as a featuring artist for other musicians.

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