Kim Jong Kook concerned for Song Ji Hyo’s health on his youtube channel ‘2024’s First Live’

On January 7th, a video called “2024’s First Live” was posted on the Kim Jong Kook owned channel.

Kim Jong Kook expressed his gratitude to Song Ji Hyo, saying in the video, “She was my guest for the New Year’s Eve broadcast, and I haven’t had a live appearance since then.”

Haha and Ji Hyo were in the middle of Mapo District. I texted her to let you know what’s happening today, and she seemed uninterested. He then asked if they could come visit for lunch, which she did, feeling confident about her trust in other places. “When it comes to Running Man members, she never declines. It’ll be a treat,” he said, extolling his character.

Kim Jong Kook expressed concern about Song Ji Hyo’s health, stating, “I’m very sorry, but I advised her to cut back on alcohol and exercise after the New Year. Have you already lost weight? Ji has definitely done better?”

Song Ji-hyo confessed to being a bit sick and explained, “I was fine. I took 4-6 weeks off and found that just lying down made me look pretty good.” This sparked attention. In response, Kim Jong Kook recommended exercises that Song Hyo could do without any discomfort.

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