ITZY’s comeback with new album ‘BORN TO BE’ marks a greater global leap forward in 2024

On the 8th of this month, ITZY, a girl band, will unveil their new album ‘BORN TO BE.’ It includes the title track – “UNTOUCHABLE’ — and is set to make an even bigger international debut in 2024.”

JYP Entertainment announced on August 8th that ITZY is making a remarkable comeback with the release of their new mini-album and the title song ‘UNTOUCHABLE’.

Their exceptional skills and high energy levels in album activity make them the embodiment of ‘K-pop’s top performance queen.

The band, who have already made their mark, are once again captivating global fans with their new music, which has been eagerly awaited due to its intense aroma.

“The music video for ‘BORN TO BE’ and the b-side song sounded amazing and achieved a top spot on YouTube Trending Worldwide, emphasizing just how much domestic and international fans are eager to embrace ITZY’s new album.”

With their second album, ‘BORN TO BE’, ITZY returns for the 2024 release and has this powerful message: ’We will move forward as we please in the world that lies ahead before us.’ The album moves beyond the core musical identity of the group—“let’s respect and love myself”, established during the touring success of ‘DALLALLA‘ with the title track “Cause…

Diverse items have been created to honor the release of the new album and comeback with fans, thereby continuing the rapid global expansion.

An hour before release, the countdown will be broadcasted live on JYP’s official YouTube channel and music platform Melon simultaneously at 5 PM, and MelON Spotlight LIVE at 7 PM to share the comeback story.

During this time, ITZY’s new mini-album titled “BORN TO BE” and the title song ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ will be released at 6 PM on the 8th. A solo concert will take place at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on February 24th and 25th, followed by the start of their second world tour called ’ITZY 2ND WORLD TOUR’.

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