Chaeyeon tops Idolpick’s poll for this year’s most anticipated idol born in 2000

Chaeyeon, the singer, is expected to perform in 2024.

The star voting web service Idolpick ranked Chaeyeon first in the special vote for ‘Which Idina Born in 2000 Are You Most Looking Forward to in 2024’ on the 8th of July.

The poll, which was conducted from the 1st to the 7th, yielded 3,194 choices for Chaeyeon.

The survey focused on idols that were born in the year 2000, also known as the Dragon. Chaeyeon was the top pick with 5,569 votes, followed by Felix (24%) and Soobin (8%) from TXT.

Chaeyeon’s rise to fame was triggered by the success of her title track ‘KNOCK’ from her mini-album titled.Over The Moon’, which was released in April last year had reversed its high chart and appearance on the charts; she then went on to release her first single a month later called ’The Move: Street’ as well as promoted the title song LET’S DANCE’.

The 13th is when she will have her inaugural fan meeting.

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