Netizens react to Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ hinting at its new male-male-male MC lineup in 2024

‘M! Countdown’ by Mnet revealed spoilers about the two new fixed MCs who will join the weekly music show in 2024.

The search for new regular MCs on “M!” Countdown has come to an end, as the show’s special mc combinations have been showcased in different settings since the departure of ex-MC (G)I-DLE Miyeon.

Sung Han Bin from ZEROBASEONE has been confirmed to be hosting two new MCs soon. Can you guess who they are?

The new MC trio lineup has been almost unveiled, which was met with disbelief by some fans.

Fans have reported that Sohee from RIIZE and Myung Jaehyun from BOYNEXTDOOR are the right fingers, with the former appearing as rookie idols on ‘M! Countdown’ alongside Sung Han Bin in September of last year.

How are fans reacting to the new MC trio featuring a rookie male and female lead?

A few people stated,

Some individuals began pondering the names of the new trio and came up with concepts like “Ze-Ra-Bo.”

The upcoming episode of ‘M! Countdown’ on January 11 is expected to showcase the first appearances of the regular MC trio.

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