Former April member Yena & soccer player Seol Young Woo wrapped up in dating rumors

Yena and Seol Young Woo, both former April members of the show, have become embroiled in dating rumors.

Yang Yena’s name was written on Seol Young Woo’S soccer cleats, and dating rumors about them started to spread through different online community platforms.

‘Point of Omniscient Interference’, the MBC variety program, featured Seol Young Woo discussing his experiences as a professional soccer player in the K-League 1 over the weekend.

It was later discovered by netizens that Yang Yena had previously posted some photos on SNS with the same phone case and hat as Seol Young Woo.

Additionally, the internet community discovered that Seol Young Woo donned custom cleats with the word “YENA” written on them during his performances.

The rumors have not been addressed by either party’s representatives.

During the same period, Yang Yena, who was born in 2000, made her first appearance as a member of April in 2015. After breaking up in 2022, she pursued an acting career. Seol Young Woo, born 1998, currently plays for Ulsan HD in the K-League 1 and for the South Korean national team.

Lee Naeun, a former member of April, got over the dating issues with Paris Saint-Germain soccer player Lee Kang In and South Korea’s national team on January 1st at KST.

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