Fly to the Sky’s Brian reveals his recent income is more than 25 years in the industry combined

Brian from Fly to the Sky admitted that his income has significantly increased in recent times.

The latest episode of ‘Radio Star’, which was broadcasted on January 3, featured Brian as a special guest alongside Park Joon Hyung, Yunho, and Jung Jae Hyong. These four guests shared stories that showcased their love for all things.

During the talk show, Brian talked about his journey from being a singer to hosting.

His response was simple: “I’ve been experiencing throat problems for some time, so I figured finding something other than singing would be great. A home shopping network offered me the job and as I broadened my options, a large corporation suggested that I try live commerce. Although initially, it was only going to be around 2-3 episodes; now I’m glad people are responding very positively.”

He continued: ‘My cumulative sales for the company in one year totalled 15.7 billion KRW (12 million USD). There aren’t many overseas Koreans working in live commerce. I earn much more now than I did when I was promoting with Fly to the Sky.’ When asked, “Is it any wonder that you have so many hit songs?” Brian said: ‘Of course, but as a singer of those two or three years, there is… money.” In fact, they made significantly more income than they didn’;s taking upping record of about 80,000 new records

For the first time in seven years after his debut, Brian had no income and recently acquired approximately 300 pyeong (11,000 square feet) of land.

In addition to his interview with the “Cleaning Freak Brian” cast, Brian also mentioned that he was initially concerned about the show’s content.

He added, “I was curious if anyone would be willing to watch something like this. I had initially denied that anything significant, but I later found out and shared my method of cleaning with people, resulting in over 3 million views.”

Many people have messaged Brian stating that they purchased a cleaning product due to me or their child having started washing after watching me, according to Brian.

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