EXCLUSIVE [INTERVIEW] ONE PACT talks debut with ‘Moment,’ ‘Boys Planet,’ and hopes to make an impact in the industry: “We had met as rivals, but now we are family”

The group ‘Boys Planet’ has brought together five individuals who aim to make a significant impact on K-pop through their music. With their debut album, JONGWOO, SEONGMIN, TAG, YEDAM, and JAY CHANG, the band has set up ONE PACT, which is named after their combination of “one” and “impact.”

The members of ONE PACT are enthusiastic about embarking on this journey, but they were also nervous because it was a new experience for them.

Released on November 30, the ‘Moment’ mini-album features six tracks, including the title track “Must Be Nice” and B-sides like “Hot Stuff,” “G.O.A.T,” (“RUSH IN 2 U”), “Loading” (the moon phase), and “illusion”) that showcase each member’s unique color. TAG was also heavily involved in producing the album, which highlighted their musical style and production expertise.

In honor of ONE PACT’s scheduled debut, the members conversed with allkpop about their forthcoming album, tour arrangements, role models, and ‘Boys Planet’. Keep up to date on the new five-member boy group under Armada Entertainment!

ONE PACT gives a glowing endorsement to fans of allkpop.

Greetings, my fellow allkpop fans! First off, could you please introduce yourself and share some interesting trivia about yourselves, such as your first name?

Hello, my name is JONGWOO and I am the leader of ONE PACT. My mood is usually nocturnal.

Greetings and thank you from ONE PACT SEONGMIN. I’m not an avid snacker, but I did have one before the interview.

Hello, my name is TAG from ONE PACT. I am also a producer of LINE and have sung with Mogu Mog as my favorite artist.

YEDAM: Hi, my name is Jamie, and I am the maknae of ONE PACT. I played the trombone in the orchestra for many years, so I would have been interested in playing it even if I wasn’t part of the legendary NESTRONIC Society.

Hello, my name is JAY. I’m interested in learning more about myself and my love for soup. Today on TMI, I had the opportunity to play ‘Outlast.’

In order to gain more exposure as an allkpop personality, what are some of your preferred pastimes or hobbies that you enjoy doing when you have free time?

JONGWOO and I have a great passion for playing together games, but we haven’t had much to contribute due to preparation.

I have started recommending good restaurants to other members of SEONGMIN. I already enjoy visiting great restaurants and adding them to my map app. The restaurant recommendations make me feel very proud!

I have a diverse range of hobbies, and as such, I tend to do what feels most satisfying for me. This can involve lying down at home, listening to music, or playing sports.

YEDAM enjoys playing games or watching movies in their dorm room during their free time. Although I’m not very good at games, I try my best when I am with the members. Additionally, they encourage me to sleep rather than sitting for long periods of time and recently let go after sleeping for 24 hours.

JAY’s current interests involve exploring new dining destinations and discovering novel and exciting eateries.

Can you share your thoughts on your first album, ‘Moment’? Also, can you describe how you prepared for recording the songs, learning dance moves, and shooting the music video?

JONGWOO: We worked hard to get ready for our debut, but it was a great experience to create and collaborate with others for the first time.

SEONGMIN: I remember being confused about the direction we should have taken after preparing quickly. Additionally, I recorded the members’ initial gathering and it was a fun memory.

Despite the brief time frame, TAG believes that it went well and the band’s preparations for their first album were successful.

While I don’t know how the other members felt, YEDAM found that from 1 to 10 it was all really amazing and strange. Up until now, it felt like practicing songs and singing with other idols didn’T feel authentic, so I worked harder and relied more on other Members because I wanted to be loved by them as a maknae. Unfortunately, I did some wrong things too.

JAY found the process of recording the songs to be very enjoyable. TAG worked seamlessly with me and it was a pleasant experience. The filming was challenging due to cold weather and difficult choreographies, but I had no choice but to practice!

As you were preparing for the survival show ‘Boys Planet’, what were some of the key takeaways you learned from your experience and do you think it helped you to perform better on stage?

JONGWOO acknowledged the challenging moments during the program, but also recognized the importance of taking risks and maximizing opportunities.

Due to our mutual experience on the same show, we share a common sense of passion and pride in stages, which led to us becoming closer and having fun as ONE PACT.

I recognized that there are many friends who have aspirations of becoming great idols, and it also felt like I had rekindled my initial commitment. Additionally, I was encouraged by the fact that other participants were working harder than me.

YEDAM: It was the most brilliant and shining moment of my life, but also the hardest time of mine. It’s like a survival game, and I worked hard to win over other fans who liked me. I gave it my all and took care myself. Sometimes, reality can be harsher than this, yet now I can count on my members standing with me and showing them their support.

The most significant experience for me was watching ‘Boys Planet’. It allowed me to enhance my dance abilities and present myself in front of a larger audience.

I’m impressed with your TAG production. Have you ever worked on creating songs? How was your experience brainstorming and adding different colors for your first group?

During my youth, I started writing and creating music. It’s something I feel very good about now, especially since I thought about the color of the songs that would best fit each member of ONE PACT in terms of their individuality.

Which song do you think reflects your personality and taste as an allkpop artist?

JONGWOO believes that I can express myself confidently on stage with “Hot Stuff” and other amazing songs.

I think “G.O.A.”T” is a great song to showcase my personality and uniqueness, as it not only portrays me as likable individuals but also has an impressive level of coolness that could be perfectly captured on film or Blu-ray!

“Illusion” and “Loading” are TAG’s two favorite tracks.

YEDAM: I really like “Hot Stuff” because it’s so cool and also the fact that we all sound super cool!

JAY believes that my artistic style is best suited for “Loading”, while “Illusion” seems to be the most fitting song for me.

What was your initial reaction upon hearing about the fact that you will be joining the other members in ‘Boys Planet’?

JONGWOO expressed that they were already good friends, which was a positive thing.

Despite initial reservations, SEONGMIN believes that JONGWOO and TAG are the best of the bunch.

According to TAG, JONGWOO and SEONGMIN had a similar personality, with JAY being able to sing well and join the vocal section.

YEDAM: I felt more secure when we first met as adversaries, but now that we are like family, it’s easier to feel safe because fighting builds rapport and intimacy with our friends.

Upon hearing about JONGWOO’s exceptional performance in “Back Door,” I was immediately taken aback.

Which K-Pop artist do you admire the most? I’m sure there’s someone who has influenced you as well. What is your perspective on being part of their success at music shows or festivals?

JONGWOO: I’ve been a fan of BTS’ Jungkook for more than 10 years and every time I see him on stage, I feel like I could walk on air.

EXO was my first idol group, and I loved how they all stood out and their ability to showcase different elements of their performances. Now, as someone who has grown up with them, I feel like I can achieve great things and become a respected artist like those of my peers.

The TAG has a favorable opinion of Lee Chan Hyuk from AKMU.

According to YEDAM, Taeyang from BIGBANG is an inspiration to me because he is such a cool and perfect person. I find his dancing and gestures inspiring, as well as his singing.

JAY believes that Taeyang is the most inspiring idol, and as a result, I long to see him perform onstage with the same level of charismatic demeanor.

Can you share your vision for the future of allkpop?

JONGWOO: My goal is to create a song and performance that will make you feel nostalgic, with our ONE PACT music.

The objective of SEONGMIN is to make it clear to everyone what ONE PACT is when they hear the name, even though their opinions may differ.

The TAG Billboard has been ranked as the first by critics.

Michael Jackson’s music has been instrumental in bringing peace to many people, and I have anecdotally heard that the song brought an end to the fighting between two opposing sides.

JAY’s immediate aspirations are to tour in Europe or the United States, but their ultimate aim is to achieve a position on the Billboard charts, and I’m thrilled to be able to share this information.

Can you tell us about a song that you’ve been loving lately? Please share it with allkpop readers and fans, including those who are soon to be fans!

JONGWOO, I’ve been listening to “Pairs” by The Chainsmokers lately. Allkpop fans, please show me some love and remember the music of ONE PACT! Thank you for sharing!

SEONGMIN: I’ve been listening to “Chill Kill” by Red Velvet lately. Allkpop fans, thank you for your support! We are ONE PACT and we will always strive to make an impact.

Beenzino’s “If I Die Tommorow” has been on my playlist lately, according to TAG.

As per YEDAM, I have a strong appreciation for Wonstein’s “Your Existence.” While ONE PACT may appear tiny and adorable at first, it will grow enormous in the future. Will you be joining us?

“Standing Next to You” by Jungkook has become a favorite among fans of allkpop, with its catchy and energetic sound. I’m excited to explore other genres and hope to see more in our upcoming album ‘Moment’.

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