Xiao Jian Jian ExposesNew Set Photos Fully Armed and Ready to Launch

A new set photo from the 1905 Film Network has been released, depicting a death attendant waiting in costume. The Death Attendant appears to have faced some challenges in his attire and facial expressions.

Wade Winston Wilson, a Canadian special forces soldier, is the anti hero behind Marvel’s Deadpool series. He initially joined the Weapon X program to heal his terminally ill self, but later became insane. The ability to regenerate and repel cancer cells results in facial disfigurement and scarring of the body. In 2017, the production team plans to inherit the storyline from Wolverine 3: The Battle of Death.

The director revealed that he is eagerly anticipating the release of Deadpool 3, and wants to be interviewed alongside Ryan about their love for it, as producers and directors, and we all have a mutual appreciation for Wolverine 3.

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