Staff Picks: Our Favorite K-Dramas of 2023

The year 2023 was a fantastic year for K-drama releases. Here are the top Korean dramas that our allkpop staff couldn’t get enough of this year!

MaiaD’s selection: Moving.

The drama “Moving” is set to release in August 2023 and will reignite your love for K-Drama with its catchy plot, captivating storyline, and engaging characters.

A-Nish’s Bloodhounds are the featured dish.

The violent action show featuring Woo Do Hwan is a delight to watch, with his character being delicate and convincing. There are numerous gunfights, but the production is skillfully choreographed and executed.

See You In My Ninth Life, as selected by ean1994.

It was refreshing to see that the male lead in this drama was more willing to lend a helping hand than the female lead. The contrast between the two sets made it incredibly satisfying.

Jia-Lin’s Choice: A Celebration Of Love.

“A Breeze of Love” caught my attention as a Korean drama that I haven’t seen much before, thanks to its innocent love story between two characters.

See You In My Ninteenth Life by optimusnins.

Shin Hye Sun’s acting skills were the key factor in making this drama a top-tier contender, but it also stood out due to her exceptional performance. It allowed for flawless emotions and genuine heartbreak, as demonstrated by her ability to capture every emotion with such precision. The storyline was also captivating, with scenes that left me feeling lonely for days on end.

Moving: Sophie-Ha’s Pick.

Based on Kang Full’s webtoon, ‘Moving’ portrays the story of parents with hidden superpowers and their parents hiding dark secrets about their past.

Hannah’s Choice: Twinkling Watermelon.

I loved it, it was funny and heartwarming. The characters were interesting and well-made, and I felt a sense of loss when the show came to an end.

Sohnji’s Choice: Express Your Love Towards Me.

“Tell Me That You Love Me” was my choice for a drama in 2023, as it featured heartfelt and sympathetic portrayals of contrasting personalities, with hints that I could relate to those with hearing difficulties. The storyline was engaging, touching on the themes of love, loss, and communication, which are often overlooked in K-dramas.

Rika-Go’s Pick: Song Of The Bandits.

The action melodrama series “SONG OF THE BANDITS” on Netflix is set in the 1920s during the Japanese colonial period and has earned its place as one of the best K-drams of 2023. It seamlessly blends romance, action, and mystery, creating an electrifying storyline that keeps audiences hooked for hours.

Germaine-Jay’s Pick: The Glory

It was a thrilling, intense, and skillfully executed performance. Witnessing Moon Dong Eun’s retaliation made this drama the best of 2023 for me.

Mask Girl by Dani-Dee.

My preference for dramas that are based on popular webtoons is because of their unique quality, particularly in terms of the visual elements used in other mediums. I was especially drawn to the format of ‘Mask Girl’ and its exceptional performances, including Yeom Hyeran’s powerful ahjumma character and Son Dambi’Samurai portrayal of his evil father figure.

Celebrity Pick: Sofia-Sayson.

I haven’t seen many dramas this year, but ‘Celebrity’ is one of my favorites. It explores the dark side of being a social media personality and how relationships with these people work, as well as uncovering the behind-the-scenes events that can be challenging for those who want to become famous. This drama has managed to capture so much more than just what stars require in aspiring actors.

David’s Choice: My Dearest.

My top pick for a K-dramas of the past five years is not just this one; it’s also my all-time favorite. ‘My Dearest’ tells the story of two lovers who discover their love life after an unexpected and dangerous Qing invasion in Joseon, China. The story follows them as they face deep emotions, experience intense devotion, and attempt to find love in the midst of chaos.

Doctor Chad is the choice of Paul.

I’ll give Doctor Cha my highest recommendation as the only K-drama I saw in 2023. The show follows a story of ten years on one medical graduate who becomes occupied with being merely entrusted with the house, before returning to medicine. Meanwhile, it follows her husband, an ordinary doctor who seems to thrive in his profession but lives scum through cheating. In terms of suspense and humor, the first half of the series was particularly compelling, boasting humour and sensuality.

The Castaway Diva has been selected by KG.

Despite the abundance of captivating storylines and impressive acting in K-dramas like “Castaway Diva,” I’m more inclined towards the latter. Park Eun Bin returns to the screen after the critically acclaimed debut of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” providing another exceptional performance for young woman pop singer Seo Mok-ha. Her portrayal is nothing short of amazing, as she embraces the spirit of a struggling soul with an unrelenting heart that inspires her to sing at his own pace.

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