Rowoon faces criticism for his poor hosting skills and acceptance speech at the ‘2023 KBS Drama Awards’

During the ‘2023 KBS Drama Awards,’ Rowoon was scrutinized by viewers for his performance as a host and the content of his acceptance speech.

Rowoon had previously been a host for approximately 10 times and recently acted as ‘fixed MC’ in an audition show.

Rowoon has been recognized with an excellence award for his role in the drama ‘The Matchmakers’. He stated during his acceptance speech that he is a passionate actor who wants to improve his craft. “Please don’t judge me, man.”

His understanding of the phrase “please turn a blind eye” was limited to him, but it was widely believed that his inability to act led to viewers disapproving of his performance. For instance, he made statements such as: “Jang Dong Yoon was robbed.”

“I could tell you that he was not adequately prepared for hosting.”

He said “I bet you don’t know that he wants to act without anyone watching.”

“Why only promote him and not other male celebrities? Why do they have to give them more opportunities?”

“I can switch off his shows, but I want to keep them going. Please don’t continue with hosting.”

“I’m not sure if he meant what was said or acted upon me lol”

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