Netizens react as denials continue amid dating news of former April member Naeun and soccer player Lee Kang In

Netizens are reacting in a frenzy to the news of Naeun and soccer player Lee Kang In’s dating status, as they continue to deny it.

An exclusive media report on January 2nd KST disclosed that the two were actually dating, spending time together before and after Lee Kang In’s soccer game. However, both the original report and the subsequent official statements did not confirm the actress’ relationship with the soccer player. The label maintained that they are “just acquaintances, not actual friends.”

Despite repeated denials, the speculation persists and generates debates within the online community. Some of the comments include: “Maybe they are just in a talking point.”

“Is it a fact that people are considered to be so stupid?”

“Is it true that she would invite Lee Kang In to her residence for a game ticket? lol”

“Despite being ‘friends’, they secretly meet in a car and at her residence.”

“It’s safe to assume that bullies in Korea have a happy life. It reminds me of my friend who tried to commit suicide.”

“Although I have a negative opinion of Naeun, those pictures were taken in November. It’s possible that they are now friends after their breakup.”

How do you feel about this?

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